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Cut Bank

25 year-old Dwayne McLaren, a former athlete turned auto mechanic, dreams of getting out of tiny Cut Bank, Montana the coldest town in America. But his effort to do so sets in moton a deadly series of events that change his life and the life of the town forever...

2015-04-10 : Geoff Pevere
Quite apart from the equally apparent lack of the Coens’s extraordinary visual acuity, Cut Bank comes up short because it simply presumes that guilt and evil already live in town, just waiting for us to arrive and see the show.
2015-04-09 : Peter Howell
Deficient in charisma, Hemsworth lacks both the grit and grin that his complicated role demands.
2015-04-09 : Colin Covert
In this sort of film, plenty of characters hope to get out of their small-time town, while viewers hope to get out of the theater.

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