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A father and his two children wander the margins of modern day Taipei, from the woods and rivers of the outskirts to the rain streaked streets of the city. By day the father scrapes out a meager income as a human billboard for luxury apartments, while his young son and daughter roam the supermarkets and malls surviving off free food samples. Each night the family takes shelter in an abandoned building. The father is strangely affected by a hypnotic mural adorning the wall of this makeshift home. On the day of the father's birthday the family is joined by a woman - might she be the key to unlocking the buried emotions that linger from the past?


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Stray Dogs (2013)
Rating: 7.0/10 (2,011 votes)
Director: Ming-liang Tsai
Writer: Peng Fei Song Ming-liang Tsai Cheng-Yu Tung
Stars: Kang-sheng Lee Kuei-Mei Yang Yi-Ching Lu Shiang-chyi Chen
Runtime: 138 min
Rated: Not Rated
Genre: Drama
Released: 21 Feb 2014
Plot: An alcoholic man and his two young children barely survive in Taipei. They cross path with a lonely grocery clerk who might help them make a better life.